How does it work?


I design your personalised training programme from scratch. There are things I need to ask you first, for example your goals, health, injury and running history, and what you have on – family and work commitments etc. To be really successful your training programme needs to be tailored to all these factors and more.

I am a Lydiard Foundation Certified coach. I used the Lydiard training methods as an athlete, and was coached by "first generation" Lydiard men John Davies and Jack Ralston. Your training schedules will be heavily influenced by Lydiard principles. 

Your detailed, personalised training programme is emailed in "blocks" in advance. Your first training block will be five weeks long. After that the length of your training blocks will vary depending upon what training phase you are in. 

The cost of coaching is $50 per week. This price also includes a personalised injury prevention programme and all physiotherapy advice. The initial payment is $250 (5 weeks x $50) for your first block in advance. After that payment is in advance via automatic payment (weekly, fortnightly or if you prefer, three or four weekly in advance - whichever time frame suits you best).

For most athletes I use GPS based tools such as Strava and Garmin Connect, plus your feedback, e.g. email, phone calls, text, facebook messenger, skype - to analyse your training and provide advice from day to day, or week to week - whichever is required at the time.

There are no limits on questions. If in doubt about anything, contact me. I expect there to be at least a weekly check in, so that any fine tuning can be done - to ensure you hit that optimal balance between training and recovery.

If you have a particular target race in mind, please contact me at least fifteen weeks prior - running to your potential takes time. Progression of training load (both volume and intensity) needs to fit with your goal AND be done at a very gradual pace that does not increase the risk of injury or over-training and illness. There is a minimum sign up period of fifteen weeks (note, as above, the initial financial commitment is for the first training block which will be five weeks in advance, rather than fifteen weeks payment all at once). 

Location - based in Nelson, however you can live anywhere in the world and be coached by Speedplay Coaching. 

Spaces are limited to ensure quality.

-Sarah Biss.

***note, for those athletes who like Training Peaks, that is now an option as well, I can send you a link to set up your own Training Peaks account, which will be linked to my coaching account and be free of charge to the athlete (unless you wish to independently upgrade your Training Peaks account to "premium" for $9US per month). If you already have a Training Peaks account, we can have that existing one linked to my coaching account. 

NB Due to demand there is now a consult service for people who are not members of Team Speedplay. This is for people who I am not coaching who would like advice regarding training, health or injuries. The cost is $100 per hour (or part thereof for the first hour) payable in advance. This does not affect those being coached by me, as always, there are no limits on questions etc for Team Speedplay members.